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Content Marketing Campaign Report

Content Marketing Campaign Report

Campaign Planning - Content Marketing


In order to have a well-performing content marketing campaign, the campaign needs to be measured and analysed over time. Our content marketing campaign report gives useful insights into the performance of your content, and suggests improvements for your content strategy.

Our Content Marketing Campaign Report measures content marketing campaign effectiveness against KPIs and objectives that were provided at the start of the campaign.

This service is recommended to those who want to see results and insights from their content marketing campaign and analyse the effectiveness of their content. Please note that some metrics improve over a short time (such as page views), whilst others can take some time (from six months to a year).

  • When you want to measure the success of the content marketing campaign against your return-on-objective program.

The process begins by completing a briefing questionnaire with your account manager to confirm your content marketing campaign objectives and KPIs that were agreed at the start of the campaign.

This brief is then passed onto a strategist who performs a review of the content marketing campaign.

The strategist then benchmarks and measures metrics. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Number of page views
  • Website & blog traffic
  • Number of visitors new/returning
  • Average time on page
  • Number of likes/shares & links built via content
  • Engagement – blog comments
  • Brand mentions

Please note we are only able to measure user indicators (examples above). If you would like to include any other metrics in the report and let us analyse them, you will have to provide them (i.e. conversions, lead generation and subscriptions).

After the review, the strategists will suggest recommendations for optimisation of elements of your future content strategy.

Webcertain Content Marketing is the specialist division of Webcertain Group which delivers content marketing for international clients. The philosophy behind our content marketing process is to create quality content that will naturally achieve backlinks, social shares and brand awareness and bring traffic to the client’s site. We can offer solutions for all elements of a content project, from persona research, global content audits and content creation to outreach, evaluation and reporting. Webcertain Group offers a wide range of international search and social services in 44 languages from its in-house team of native-speakers.

Benefits Of Working With Webcertain

  • Specialises in international multilingual projects
  • No minimum contract period
  • No minimum order value
  • Quick turnround proposals
  • Transparency and online portal management
  • International specialist since 1997

Xerox Corporation

“ Webcertain's local search engine practices and methods in each territory provide valuable insight into how certain cultures work and what works best in those markets. ”

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